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 Manios Christos Odyssia 2 6    

Contact: Tel. 24240.66.188, Fax. 24240.65.577, Email.

About the area

The beach at Agios Petros is smooth with sand and small pebbles with natural shade in the afternoon, and safe for young children.

The beach owns its name to the church of Byzantine period which was in the area, debris of which you can see on the hill and are 0.50-2.50 m in height, in the dense vegetation.

They are remains of basilica with narthex, which ends east in a semicircular apse. In the middle of the western wall of the vestibule there is an entrance and opposite there is a second entrance that leads into the nave. In the niche of the sanctuary there is a window and 0.35 m below the window, the niche is strengthened from exterior with semicircular platform.

The internal dimensions of the nave are 15x9 m, of the narthex are 9X3.20 m., and the apse of the sanctuary has a diameter of 3.20 m. The walls, 0.65 m thick, are constructed of rubble and sparse use of bricks.

Within the precipitators there are broken tiles, bricks and architectural members of marble: a column capital with embossed crosses and two plain tectonic capitals. Taking the path, you can get here on foot from the nearby village of Stenivalas (7' walking tome).

Travel Time:

By Motorbike / car from Patitiri is 25'

7'-10' nn foot, using the path from Stenivala.
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