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  ALONISSOS ... A paradise on earth

Alonissos, Ikos, Evonymos, Liodromia or Chiliodromia, whatever name you choose to call it, by the many that were given to the island over the centuries, nothing changes.
Alonissos, a maritime passage since the ninth millennium, from the North Aegean to Crete, has its own secret for the art of shipbuilding, navigation, and for the art of pottery but and its own way to charm.

Looking from Alonissos to the sea, you can imagine the great historic heritage, from the early Christian period until today. You can see the Argo of Jason to its journey at the Black sea, and the ships of the campaign for Troy.
From yesterday to today, Alonissos is characterized by the same beauty of the landscape.

Nature and Tradition

Famed for viticulture and wine, Alonissos, from the ancient times until so far, maintained the remarkable harmony among the nature, the production and the development.
On its soil grows, even now, the miraculous herbs that made this place famous and also helped in the development of the folk medicine. Today, following the tradition, the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy is hosted on the same site.

Today, the fisheries, the agriculture and the livestock have helped to be kept the environment intact from the "temptations" of the excessive and unregulated tourism development.

Marine Park

On the island of Alonissos, a rare and endangered mammal in the Mediterranean, has found protection and shelter. The Monachus-Monachus seal found the ideal protection in the Marine Park of Alonissos.

Through the intervention of the state and the sensitivity of the local fishermen, the Mediterranean monk seal may now be living in harmony in the region, continuing a tradition of thousands of years.

The Marine Park of Alonissos, is now a unique habitat not only for the monk seal but also and for many other non-marine species.


Alonissos, with its numerous beautiful beaches and the small deserted islands that surround it, is ideal for small "getaways" to the endless blue Aegean Sea.

It is an ideal place for vacations and relaxation, as the Island of Sporades, offers the potential to satisfy all the desires, in a natural environment, which the residents with responsibly protect it.

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