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  PATITIRI - Accommodation List

 Name Branch Name Beds Rooms Apts Cond.
 Agallou Konstantina Agallou Konstantina 6 2 2  
 Kalogianni Asimina Anna Pansion 2 10    
 Bessinis Ilias Ilias Studios 2 9 5  
 Kiriazis Evaggelos Minas Rooms 1 5    
 Stavropoulou Apostolia Stavropoulou Apostolia 2 6    
 Panagiotou Eleni Panagiotou Eleni 2 4    
 Rizos Konstantinos Alexandra Rooms 3 5    
 Kalogianni Maria Kalogianni Maria 2 2   1
 Kalogianni Maria Gioula Pension 2 2   1
 Kalogiannis Vasilios Kalogiannis Vasilios 2 4    
 Kalogianis Evaggelos  Kalogianis Evaggelos 2 10    
 Florous Giorgos - Maria Villa Galini 3 12 2  
 Athanasiou Athanasios Panorama 2 12 1  
 Valsami Panagiota Valsami Panagiota   2 1 1
 Malateniou Smaragdi Elli 3 1    
 Gariou Nina Studios Rania 2 2   1
 Vlaikou - Pnefmatikou  Maria Kerasies 2 5    
 Alexiou Eleni Eleni Studios 2 8    
 Tzanis Panagiotis Stella Rooms        

Contact: Τηλ. 24240.66.188, Fax. 24240.65.577, Email.

About the area

Patitiri is the capital and the main port of Alonissos, where the most residents live. Gradually, it is joined with the neighbouring settlement of Votsi.
It was built by the inhabitants of the island after the earthquake of 1965, which destroyed the Palia Alonissos or Hora. The narrow whitewashed streets and the staircases lend a special atmosphere in the small harbour that is surrounded by crystal verdant clear water and cliffs of marble with beautiful night lighting.
On the small beach on the one side of the harbour, close to it, there are restaurants and cafes. All public services like the Post, the Citizen Service Centre and Health Centre are located in Patitiri. The two main streets, starting on the left and right of the harbour, are an important commercial centre that is consisting of several supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, jewellery shops and other small shops.
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